What I find fascinating, and a lot of vampire fiction glosses over, are the day-to-day things you have to deal with in a relationship with a vampire: like being food. That’s pretty heavy when you stop to think about it. At least when you want to be in a relationship on a somewhat equal footing. For many, it’s not about equality – it’s about being noticed by such a rare being. The “fang-bangers” as True Blood calls them. That’s basically a fandom though, and a totally different kind of interpersonal relationship. The dynamic is very different when the vampire is on a pedestal and the humans are servicing them. Even if there are “feelings” involved. (Not going there right now.) Kimmy and Laila are apparently going to try and have a relationship of mutual respect. Leave it to Joan to throw it right in Kimmy’s face so she feels the weight of it. Go Joan!

Also, in a couple of weeks I (Greg) will be in the Artist Alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA), September 28-30, 2012. I’ll have the LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD: ACQUIESCE graphic novels, and the LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD: BEGIN AGAIN #1 singles. Plus much more. I’ll be at the UpDown Studio table at Island F-06. (Map soon.)