You know it’s bad when scary things get scared. Cuddles always help.

An early reminder that I’ll be at the FLUKE Mimi-Comics and Zine Festival in Athens, GA on Saturday April 21st song from youtube on handy. I’ll have lots of UpDown Studio goodies including issues of Love is in the Blood: Acquiesce #1-4, Worked to Death, Perfect Agent #1-4, a special Love is in the Blood: Begin Again preview mini, and the premiere issue of the SUNDAY MORNING JUSTICE ultimate zine einladungskarten zum geburtstag kostenlosen!

I’m currently putting together the “Love is in the Blood: Acquiesce” graphic novel which will contain issues #1-4 and the After Story paint download mac. Everyone excited about this? You’re all going to buy a copy or twelve, right? 🙂