(22) A double key is granted to the licensee for the licensed premises mentioned. The main key to these buildings and the premises granted still remain with the licensee. The licensee agrees that his employee cannot damage and/or damage the locks of the main buildings and the licensed premises. I, Mr. _______Operatives Limited_________________________________________________________________ social housing. and keep the apartment no- in the company building, for subletting on the basis of care and vacation and the license base of the apartment in question -Part of the apartment cited There is a slight difference in the nature of the terms used for a leave and the license agreement, as opposed to a rental contract. As noted above, a licensee can be translated in bulk into the lessor and a licensee to a tenant. The reason for using the term “licence” is therefore obvious, since the owner of the property receives a “licence to stay” for a predetermined period of time. I undertake to take legal action against the holder of the sub lettee license over my inability to ensure the liberty and security of ownership of the care company to the holder of the sub-lettee licensee, at the end of the initial or longer period of subletting, and to make the company party to the proceedings and to reimburse the costs that may be incurred by the company in the legal proceedings to recover the part of the dwelling. I ask you to give the necessary permission to sublet the leave and the license to take basic care, the apartment- part of the apartment, to the person above, for a period of 11 months. In the event that I am required to extend the subletting period and justify the housing care base, I will apply for an extension of the period, well before the original deadline expires, with the appropriate justification for extending the period. If you look at the above points in the checklist, you are more than ready to create your own agreement.