State of the Comic Address


July 1st seemed like a good time to catch everyone up on things, especially since I have an important announcement:

New artist acquired for LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD graphic novel series: S. Zero.
He has a couple of things HERE, and more on the way.
We’re going to get cracking on pages very soon and I’ll have more news when we see how soon we can start posting. Still planning on a weekly release schedule (Mondays), but we’re still discussing how we want to get started. So all I can say now is: new pages soon. And stay tuned for more into.

Also, I’m well on my way into writing the first LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD novel. I have decided to release it as a web serial as well. I have an artist to do a few illustrations for it, so it will be similar in length and format to the Japanese light novels. As usual, I’m writing it (and especially pacing it) my way, and not sticking to styles used by many light novel or web serial writers. Just like the comic is meant to be read as a book, but I’m releasing it on the web as I go, I’ll be releasing chapters at a time as completed. More news on that here and at my personal writer-type site

More news as it happens!