Guest Art - Gina Biggs

Guest Art and News

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Guest art from Gina Biggs! I’m reprinting the Love is in the Blood: Begin Again issues #1 and #2 in a special combo book. The art above, when colored, will be gracing the cover of said book.

Speaking of Gina, she has a new comic that started today: Love Not Found. It’s really good so go check it out.

Another thing to check out, if you haven’t already, is ¬†Love is in the Blood: The Novels. Just posted Chapter 16, so there’s plenty to read already. Soon there will be art posted to go with it. I’m doing this one “light novel” style with illustrations. The light novel strays from the exact same path the graphic novel took, so it should be interesting even if you’ve read the comic.

MomoCon was a great success, and the next convention on the schedule is Dragon Con.¬†That’s Labor Day weekend right here in ATL. MomoCon is Memorial Day weekend in ATL, and looks to be even bigger and better next year. So that’s two major holidays that you know where to find me. :)

More news later. And, yes, I’m avoiding¬†mentioning the elephant in the room.