CAST (in order of appearance):

Dr. Laila McCarthy, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Lamashtu) – vampire – professor and head of the Ancient Cultures Department at the University of Atlanta. Born as the demon Lamashtu, and became the first vampire. Has used many identities over the years.

Colonel Kimberly (Kimmy) Roberts – human – leader of the U.N. Special Forces Vampire and Magic Division.

William Winters – human (magic user) – Special Agent of the U.S. Bureau of Evil Elimination, and located in the Atlanta field office.

Joan Winters – human – Assistant Director of the U.S. Bureau of Evil Elimination and Director of the Atlanta Field Office. Also William’s older sister and boss.

Autumn Winters – vampire – William’s twin sister. Turned at age 12 when their parents were killed, she has reached adulthood and will no longer mature.

Chupacabra – Ceiba’s Royal Guard. These are not turned Homo sapien vamphir, but Homo neanderthalensis vamphir. Only five are still known to exist.

Ceiba – Master vampire – Once the ruler of  many Meso-American cultures over the centuries, including the Mayans and Incas. He is  a powerful figure in the government of modern Mexico.

Captain Terry Baker – pilot and squad leader of Colonel Roberts’ Quick Response Team.