LOVE is in the BLOOD

Dr. Laila McCarthy is no ordinary archaeologist. In a world that is changing too quickly, she has lost touch with her Sumerian warrior past as Lamashtu, the first vampire. But…
the past will bite you.

The urban fantasy action romance graphic novel is serialized as a web comic, on e-readers through Graphicly, and in print comic book format through IndyPlanet.

Greg Carter – Writer/Creator/Publisher

Greg Carter is a graphic novelist, author, and publisher living in Atlanta, GA. Among his titles are the urban fantasy Love is in the Blood, the spy thriller Perfect Agent, the sci-fi adventure Solar Harvest, and soccer-playing magical girls in Striker Force Magica. He is always developing more graphic novels, anthology pieces, and mini-comics.

Greg is the founder/webmaster/coordinator of UpDown Studio, an online artist’s collective of eclectic creators working with several types of media and formats. Comics, fiber art, novels, photography, painting, and more are represented by it’s members. UpDown Studio also serves as the publishing imprint for the group.

Where to find Greg online:

Gina Biggs – Artist, Begin Again #1 & #2:

Gina Biggs is a freelance artist and has been creating comics for over fifteen years and has run StrawberryComics.com since 2004. Strawberry Comics is an all-female group of creators banding together to help promote women in the comic industry as well as the neglected and often overlooked genre of love and romance in the medium.

She is the creator of the romantic series that sweeps you off your feet,Red String. The series has been running since 2003 and the first three volumes are published by Dark Horse Comics. Since it’s inception, it has gathered a worthy following and continues to touch the hearts of those who read it. She also offers up Erstwhile, a collaborative series adapting the lesser-know Grimm’s fairy tales into comics. And, of course, who could overlook the ever-naughty FilthyFigments.com? She offers not only her own erotic comics, but also the comics of many other brilliant female creators.

Elliot Dombo – Artist, “Acquiesce”: