In this summary, you`ll discover how to regain your normal human tendencies by engaging in the five simple chords that should guide your daily life. A good continuation of the four chords Total liked them both Excellent work by Peter Coyote Thank you Everyone wants to express their point of view by telling stories about their experience of the world. But how do you know which of these stories are true? By committing to the fifth agreement, to be skeptical. This practical guide complements Ruiz`s first book on the 4 chords. It is back to the basics of common sense in a Tolèque way and can be applied by anyone and anyone. Really inspiring and simple and all the more enjoyable when you hear it through the chocolate sounds of Peter Coyotes` voice. This is highly recommended. The book itself is great and I would definitely recommend it if you haven`t read all four chords. And I would recommend it more than 4 chords, but seriously 80% of the book is one more of the same. Buy one of them, but not both. 5/5.C`s amazing. I must say that Don Miguel Ruiz is my favorite writer in spirituality/philosophy/self-development. The four chords changed my life and it`s a great sequel.

I love these teachings and the Totec philosophy. Great narrator, great listening. Of course, offer to start with the 4 chords before reading it. The first three chords will cause positive changes in your life, but it won`t be possible to master them if you don`t practice them to the best of your ability. This book is not just a revision of the four agreements plus the fifth. It is a new testimony of the first four chords, but much more detailed and in more common language. I became for the first time on Totec wisdom by Carlos Castaneda`s series “The Teachings of Don Juan… ” caring. and they were impressive, but they seemed a distant wisdom inaccessible in a distant world/time shrouded in secrets, etc. Then Merylin Tenneshende`s book, “Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy,” took the next step to make wisdom more tangible to the masses.

Then Don Miguel Ruiz published “The Four Chords” and he became a great popularity in his deep strength of helping people change their lives. It has served many people for such transformations. IT IS A MUST IN His own right. And now. This new book “The Fifth Agreement… ” is a crowning achievement of the Ruiz family to make this level of clear communication of these Totec doctrines accessible to all. He speaks the teachings in such a concise, direct, simple language, with a wonderfully contemporary style. Excellent! (Speaking perfectly) I think it`s absolutely worth it! Imagine all the skills you`ve learned over the course of your life. Whether you`re talking, reading, or cycling, you`d be ignorant of these things if you hadn`t practiced them frequently.

Therefore, repetitive exercise is a must if you want to integrate the three chords into your life. In addition, different religions, philosophies, and different ways of thinking create our knowledge and are born through agreements we make with our fellow human beings on common symbolism. . . .