Martell pointed out that teachers receive one hour of lunch a day, while they can work with children during students` lunch break, and no one needs to work nights and weekends or pressure to do something unintentionally – Lakeshore follows its collective agreement while pursuing innovations, she said. When a high school student has a reading problem, there`s nothing to be gained by blaming elementary school teachers and blaming themselves, MacNeil said. “We need to start working with these children as soon as we have them. Each teacher has a responsibility to pass on these skills. “We do have a school of 1200 students,” said Assistant Superintendent Leanne Peters. A school where the baccalaureate rate went from 50% five years ago to 92% last June and where, during these five years, it was in the average of the 70s? Peters said each school was asked to identify what it wanted to fix, and then teachers formed into small research groups to find out how to do it. As long as schools meet the requirements, the Ministry of Education doesn`t follow as they do, said Darrell Gervais, the director of teaching, curriculum and assessment. MacNeil said the students told him they didn`t like the color scheme or the old school logos on the walls of Ashern`s multipurpose room, so the color came out. “We did this together during spring break, the kids and me.” It seems that no rural school yet uses the Copernican system, which was popular in the 1990s – students would occupy the whole morning and a second subject all afternoon for 10 or 11 weeks, then start two more daily subjects. It goes without saying that many young teachers in rural Manitoba have their CVs in all municipal school services. In Ashern, she said, Grade 9 students from 4 or 5 small communities felt isolated at the beginning of high school, so art and social education teachers would bring all their children together in one large group. That`s why schools like Lundar have turned a stereotypical library into learning commons with comfortable seating and computer terminals. They try low seats, high seats and swivel seats.

In contrast, a high school with semesters has five credits a day for half the year, writes two weeks of exams, and then starts five more courses.