5.04 Notwithstanding section 5.03, the Parties shall meet when a resident of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia is placed on leave by a residency program to discuss the resident`s employment status. If the parties fail to reach an agreement on the continuation of the resident`s employment within 30 days of the start of the leave, the resident`s employment relationship will terminate. The resident remains on the pay slip for the duration of the 30-day trial. If the resident chooses termination, he or she shall receive severance pay in accordance with Article 05. In the absence of an informal solution, either RDBC, on behalf of its members, or the employer on behalf of the Residency Program, or individually within ten (10) days of acceptance of the position that a solution cannot be found, may, by mutual agreement, refer the matter to Julie Nichols or another person for expedited arbitration. The party forwarding the matter to the arbitrator shall ensure that the other party is informed. You benefit from an adequate salary and premiums for all hours worked in the program, medical, dental, extended health insurance, group life premiums and ltd premiums. and pensions are reintroduced at the beginning of the program and all other benefits are implemented when fourteen points four (14.4) hours or more per week are worked. 30.03 All residents are required to submit to the employer a vaccination profile containing a history of vaccinations against hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella and TPD, unless a resident`s physician has indicated in writing that such a procedure could adversely affect the resident`s health. Rubella is an exception if the resident believes that pregnancy is possible. 15.01 The employer agrees to pay 100% (100%) of the monthly premium for basic health care of residents and their relatives under a plan approved by the Medical Services Commission of B.C.

or to pay the equivalent of the costs of the B.C. Medical Services Plan premiums to private health insurers on behalf of residents who work on work visas with employers covered by this agreement. (A) The designation of residents as resident (administrative) chief and chief resident (together “Chief Resident Positions”) are academic matters. The appointment of residents to one of the Chief Resident positions must be approved in writing by Associate Dean before taking effect. The employer pays ninety percent (90%) of the monthly premium and the resident pays 10 percent (10%) of the monthly extended health insurance premium to residents and their loved ones under the existing pacific blue cross plan or other plan offering equivalent coverage; The deductible for extended health insurance is increased to USD 75.00….