“Marital agreements, including PSA agreements, which clearly and unequivocally provide for the termination of the post-cohabitation support obligation, are applicable if the parties enter into such agreements knowingly and voluntarily,” Cuff said. In September 2014, the governor signed an amendment to New Jersey`s bid status. While there were several revisions to the law, the effects of cohabitation were considered and the right of a judge to terminate or suspend support after cohabitation was simply explained. Cohabitation is also defined as part of the status, or at least its “symptoms” are described. In particular, the statute expressly provides that its conditions are not applied retroactively. In other words, agreements between parties that were divorced before September 2014 are subject to an earlier right, which is contained in article above. Given the complexity of cohabitation, we advise you to contact an experienced family lawyer from Gebhardt-Kiefer at 908-735-5161. Living together and family law issues are being dealt with throughout New Jersey. If some couples separate after a relationship breakdown, one person may be more vulnerable than the other to the consequences. If the couple has not previously negotiated a cohabitation agreement, it is unlikely that clear provisions will apply to ensure an equitable sharing of the assets and wealth that the couple could have accumulated over the life of the relationship. As more and more couples live together, it has never been more important to protect themselves financially, and there are a number of ways to do this, either before living together or after a separation. In addition, Cathleen continued to live with Warholak after David filed the application to cease the bid and was still living with him when the trial began. This registration is no different from a remarriage that ends in death or divorce.

Given the parties` agreement that the obligation would cease after cohabitation, the circumstances do not require any other outcome.