3. The subcontractor may, at its sole discretion, entrust the performance of this work to subcontractors, provided that the subcontractor pays the subcontractor in full and remains, in all cases, responsible for the correct performance of this contract. 6. The contractor guarantees that it is properly insured for injuries suffered by its staff and other damage caused by the actions of the contractor or its employees and subcontractors. Work to be carried out under this contract will begin at the entrance or before________________, 20, and will essentially be completed on or before________________, 20- Time is crucial. WITNESSETH that the contractor and the owner agree, for the consideration mentioned here, as follows: 7. The contractor will ask at his own expense for all the necessary authorizations for the work performed. 12. The licensee guarantees all work for a period of – months after closing. The owner pays the holder the amount of the amount of the equipment and work equipment and the work performed under the contract, the sum of the owner makes available all the materials and performs all the work, Schedule A drawings and/or specifications, as they are to be performed for field work in the following areas: Payments for the contract price must be paid as follows: -The holder is not held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond its control, including strike, accident or general unavailability of materials. 2. To the extent prescribed by law, all work is carried out by persons duly accredited and properly empowered to carry out this work.

10. All disputes under these provisions are settled through mandatory arbitration proceedings, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. This ____day of________________, 20 is signed. _______between___________________ _____day of___________ 5. All modification contracts must be signed in writing and by the owner and contractor. 8. The contractor undertakes to remove all debris and leave the premises in a state of brush. 4.

The holder provides the owner with appropriate authorizations or guarantees for all work or equipment performed that is made available at the time of the next periodic payment. 9. In the event that the owner does not make a payment of a period or a phased payment due within that period, the contractor may stop the work without breaches until a dispute is settled or resolved. (1) All work must be carried out in a wise and in accordance with all building rules and other applicable laws.