4. The idioms and meanings of southern Kerala or Travancore have been carefully collected both in Cottayam`s press productions and in the very valuable dictionaries compiled by the Portuguese and Italian missionaries of Virapoli; Works that, although completed in 1746, are based on materials accumulated in the 17th, perhaps even in the 16th century, and which rank as the oldest monument to the study of Indian languages by Europeans. (They are listed in the Vi. -V2 dictionary). Even greater care has been given to the language of Northern Kerala or Malabar itself (with the Bekal Talook of Canara); and historical names, castes and dynasties (comp. അകത്തൂടു, അടിയോടി, അമ്മാമൻ, അല്ലൂർ, അവരോധം, അസ്ഥിക്കുറെച്ചി) and the institutions, customs and traditions that distinguish this province from the surrounding countries (see z.B അങ്കം, അടിമ, അനുഭവം, അപരാധം). Under [ 11 ] the sources of this type of information I would like to pass on in particular to the former Tellicherry Records (TR.) as a mass of teachings in the best prose of the language. 3. Determining the amount of Sanskrit words that are received in a Malayalam dictionary was an even greater difficulty task. As this dictionary is not intended for the use of Sanskrit students, the rule was followed when compiling, only words and meanings found in Malayalam productions of good faith; to pass and reduce the enormous mass of mythological and botanical names and synonyms, many of which are highly dubious, confessing; to record the main meaning of words that are limited to poetic use; pay particular attention to terms generally considered to be located in Malayalam and which have received, during naturalization, various requests that cannot be met within the framework of pure. B (അന്യായം, അവസരം). Clearer idea, once a business agreement has been presented, give you all the provisions for the tenant at or from Malayalam rental, employment and execution. The fact is that a lease, you may be unreasonably withheld or leasing agent.

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