If you have read this comic before, you know that we don’t follow the typical European vampire mythologies. Instead, we are taking inspiration from the Sumerian myths and legends for Love is in the Blood. The rules for this tale will differ from all other vampire stories you have probably read to date.

However, Greg and I are both fans of “regular” vampire movies and literature. I am personally a big fan of the The Southern Vampire Mysteries, aka the Sookie Stackhouse Books, by Charlaine Harris. They are the origin of the True Blood HBO series. They’re great for curling up on the couch and spoiling yourself with a good romantic, sexy, mystery book. The first four books in the series are by far my favorites. I am still following the series, but so far the first four are the tightest as the cast hasn’t expanded too far at this point. One of the things I really respect about this series is the main character, Sookie Stackhouse. She is an incredibly strong, self-reliant woman with a disability that makes it troublesome to interact with normal people. She reads minds whether she wants to or not and that leads to a frustrating life of ALWAYS knowing what something is thinking, even if it’s about her. Imagine dating someone and knowing what they were thinking all the time. She’s not always waiting for someone to come to her rescue her, but instead will try to take you down herself. She’s also not afraid to dump a guy who treats her poorly. That’s an extremely respectable trait for a fantasy heroine!

So, what is YOUR favorite vampire novel, series, and/or movie? What is it about the story or characters that makes it your favorite? With so many different vampire tales out there I am excited to hear your answers!