Hello, gentle readers!

Monday, Feb 21 is my birthday but we’re giving YOU the present. Starting Monday LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD will update twice per week! That’s right – you’ll be getting a new bite of Love every Monday and Wednesday.

Also, you can celebrate my birthday by giving the gift of Love – Love is in the Blood issues #1, #2, and #3 that is. Please order a copy from IndyPlanet. (Coming soon, hopefully, digital downloads!)
Love is in the Blood #1
Love is in the Blood #2
Love is in the Blood #3

Also, also, please check out our other comics:
STRAWBERRY DEATH CAKE which is Elliot’s crazy fun webcomic
PERFECT AGENT – which I write and is drawn by the fantabulous Stephanie O’Donnell

Thanks for making my birthday a national holiday in the U.S. this year!