Sorry, this is going to be a bit long…

Yes, LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD is the new name for what was previously called Abandon: First Vampire. Why? The name fits the story better and gives a better idea of what the comic is. This is actually the second name change. No Frailty was the name I used when I started working with these characters six (six?!) years ago. Four years ago I changed it to Abandon. Two years ago (when this story started) I added First Vampire to the title.

Even though the characters are the same from previous versions, the story has taken a completely different road. (No, I won’t show you the old versions. I did they art and they are sucktastic. But it was great for learning how to write comics.) Plus, the old name didn’t have much meaning in and of itself. “Love is in the Blood” is very paranormal romance novel-ey, which is the vibe many people are getting. I like that. I’m not sure if “paranormal romance” or “dark fantasy” fits better, and people tend to disagree on it too. I’m not that concerned about that but it’s been fun to hear the debate. (Feel free to do so in the comments.)

Thank you to current readers for sticking with us. And to new readers finding this post… um, move along. Nothing to see here. Please enjoy LOVE is in the BLOOD. 🙂


p.s. Friday, May 1st is the comic’s second birthday. Woo hoo!